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The devolution of discourse in the current presidential race is, duh, obvious to anyone with a TV or internet access. Maybe you see the political back-and-forth between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the down-and-dirty rhetoric of two fighters approaching their title bout. Maybe you want to hide under the bed until this singularly incendiary race is over. But if you’re worried th..

‘Tis the season for pumpkin: the big orange squash is everywhere, in stores, drinks, fragrances, decorations. It’s Halloween tradition. But there’s another pumpkin tradition with which you may not be familiar. Haitians celebrate New Year’s Day with soup joumou, a concoction of pumpkin, beef, onions, garlic and more. Why? “Liberty in a Soup,” a documentary premiering Oct. 9, explains. ..

Robert Askins’ “Hand to God” takes place mostly in the basement rec room of a church near Houston. One of the characters is the pastor, another a recently widowed mother tapped to lead a teen puppetry group called the “Christketeers.” Her introverted son and two other teens have been corralled into joining the troupe, and their first performance at a Sunday service is fast approaching..

Jason Fitzroy Jeffers has made a mark on Miami in more than one arena. He began as a journalist, writing on city life and culture for local publications including the Miami Herald and Ocean Drive. He later performed and recorded music under his middle name, Fitzroy. And more recently, he founded arts media group Third Horizon as a catch-all container for projects promoting Caribbean art, ..

No doubt about it: South Florida theater folks love the plays of Annie Baker. Island City Stage presented her “Body Awareness” in 2013. Alliance Theatre Lab did “The Aliens” in 2015, and earlier this year Mad Cat staged an impressive production of Baker’s lengthy, Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Flick.” Now Area Stage Company in Coral Gables has jumped onto the Baker bandwagon with it..

Miami-based Jason Fitzroy Jeffers has cut a complex path for his life. He describes himself first as a writer. But he has produced work on a wide range of platforms and subjects. Like the symbol of the machete that reoccurs throughout his work, Jeffers is at home in the wilderness of uncharted spaces. Currently, he can be found at the center of Third Horizon, a media company that he ..

As rituals go, reunions can be fraught experiences. Sure, it’s good to see old friends and catch up, but the past has a way of becoming an insistent thrum, so that uncomfortable memories and old transgressions bubble to the surface again. The characters in Stephen Adly Guirgis’ intense, wildly entertaining “Our Lady of 121st Street” get that, bigtime. Miami’s Ground Up & Risin..

The actors in Ground Up & Rising, one of South Florida’s edgiest and most diverse theater companies, have a thing for the works of Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Adly Guirgis. Founded in 2005, the company launched with a sizzling production of Guirgis’ “Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train” featuring two of its three founders, Bechir Sylvain and Sheaun McKinney (the latter now on HBO’s “Vice..

La calle al final del mundo (The Street at the End of the World), a Spanish-language play written by local playwright Ramón Caudet and directed by his wife Anna Silvetti, seeks to challenge our notions about love and “happily ever after.” This play within a play tells the story of a director and two actors who come together to rehearse. The appearance of a mysterious woman, like a spell, ..

Inside a nondescript cream-colored trailer on the grounds of the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Liberty City, 13 aspiring Miami artists have been devoting themselves to a transformative summer. Ranging in age from 13 to 17, the participants are all female, all young women of color with a passion for the arts. For 13 weeks, they have sacrificed family vacations and jobs in or..

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Many of us can recall the iconic image from the recently completed Rio Paralympics and the match between two world-class fencers, anchored in wheelchairs, torsos thrusting backward and forward to avoid the thrust or score the touch. For Francine Andersen, Chief of Arts Education for the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, just as these athletes have reset our expectation..

Carlotta Grisi, the legendary ballerina who originated the role of Giselle in 19th-century Paris, must be smiling down on Lauren Fadeley from dance heaven.Portraying the eponymous heroine of Giselle, the most celebrated French ballet, can well be considered the zenith of any career. And not only did Fadeley get to perform this in 2012, on her first time out as a principal at Pennsyl..

On Saturday, October 22 the dance community unites on one stage to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of New World School of the Arts and its founding dean of dance, Daniel Lewis, in a program of dance featuring a variety of pillar organizations in the Miami community. Lewis founded the Modern Dance Sampler in 1987 and continued it for 11 years until 1998. In 2011, the idea was revived b..

Celebrated Zimbabwe-born, Brooklyn-based dancer/choreographer Nora Chipaumire returns to Miami for a third time with her latest work, Portrait of Myself as My Father. Presented this week by MDC Live Arts and Miami Light Project at The Light Box at Goldman’s Warehouse, Chipaumire veers from her study of African female identity to explore masculinity in a piece that started as a letter to t..

One of the highlights of Tigertail’s fall season, The Way You Look (at me) Tonight comes to the Miami stage this weekend. It runs Friday and Saturday, October 14-15 at the Miami Dade County Auditorium’s On.Stage Black Box. A collaboration between self-described disabled choreographer and performer Claire Cunningham and choreographer and performer Jess Curtis, The Way You Look (at me) ..

On Sunday, September 18, a small crowd gathered on the beach around 92nd Street and Collins Avenue in Surfside. With the backdrop of a perfectly clear blue sky, sweltering sun, and endless ocean, Pioneer Winter was directing audience members to a squared off area in the sand. The performance that morning was Marissa Nick’s presentation of Mira el Mar, the inaugural program of Grass Stains..

The fist view of Titus Kaphar’s The Vesper Project at the Lowe Museum of the University of Miami elicits questions: What catastrophe happened here? What awful force created this destruction? The house, with its ornate furniture and gilded frames dangling off the walls, which are covered with peeling newspapers and faded pictures -- many of which are whitewashed revealing partial views of ..

For its 31st season Miami City Ballet will serve up a hearty and flavorful dance sandwich. Held together by the bread-and-butter basics of a Romantic heirloom and repertory standards, in the first and last programs respectively, the middle of the year is layered with company premieres that are noteworthy in number and range, from honeyed to piquant. The fall opens with Giselle, the be..

“Of course you can be a prince on stage, but you can be an animal as well? Can you move like a snake, move like a tiger?” With that, a wiry, energized Miao Zong -- guest choreographer with Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida -- demonstrated the proper technique for a chest-high lift with a willowy Hinano Eto, and then stepped back, watching as Kazuya Arima partnered her through the same sequen..

When Kathryn Garcia, MDC Live Arts executive director, took the helm at the organization 5 years ago, she revitalized the 26-year-old organization and strengthened its commitment to not only presenting performance work, but of engaging the local community in a discourse on performance and art. From last year’s “Holoscenes” performance meditation about sea level rise, to the ongoing co..

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While the term “experimental” music may be close to wearing out its grooves, Colombia-born Alba Triana’s practice bears significant kinship to the testing methodology a physicist might use ­– or an alchemist. Triana explores the interface between natural science and music. Currently focused on the interaction of sound and light waves, she combines rigor and poetic finesse. She calls h..

In the last 15 years, Miami residents have witnessed the city’s steady transformation into an international urban hub with the customary arrival of communities from all over. Together with the controversial impact of large-scale real state ventures that prompted that expansion, there’s been a significant shift in the diversity, frequency and depth of the cultural options available to Mia..

The Summer Concert Series ( at the Coral Gables Congegational Church, which just celebrated its 31st season, has become a South Florida institution. Yet the concerts are only the most visible component of the quietly ambitious Community Arts Program ( It includes an after-school program, the Conserv..

Amanda Keeley, founder of the pop-up artists’ bookstore EXILE Books, explores Miami’s sonic subculture centered around the Audiotheque Listening Club, which will conclude its third season with performances from current Club resident, composer Sam Ashley, on Aug. 10 and 17. Keeley talks with the founder of Listening Club and of the Subtropics Festival, Gustavo Matamoros, about how we can expand..

Some people send cards or buy gifts to show their appreciation. Alice Day started a hall of fame. The singer, dubbed “South Florida's first lady of jazz” by the late radio host China Valles, felt that this area's jazz people – musicians, club owners, promoters and producers, disc jockeys -- deserved more recognition. She founded the South Florida Jazz Hall of Fame to provide it. “It seemed..

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En su discurso de recibimiento del Premio Nobel, el poeta chileno Pablo Neruda afirmó que el poeta no es un "pequeño dios." De hecho expresó que el mejor poeta “es el hombre que nos entrega el pan de cada día: el panadero más próximo, que no se cree Dios. El cumple su majestuosa y humilde faena de amasar, meter al horno, dorar y entregar el pan de cada día, como una obligación comunitaria..

En la cultura yoruba, y sobre todo en sus manifestaciones caribeñas como la afrocubana, las historias contadas oralmente por generaciones ocupan un lugar esencial. Esas historias, muchas de ellas preservadas ya en la palabra escrita, reciben el nombre de patakíes, y llevan mensajes a la manera de fábulas o metáforas. La profesora Isabel Castellanos (

En la serie artística Out in the Tropics, la tarima no discrimina, la sensibilidad de los intérpretes es inclusiva y todo público es bienvenido. Producción de la entidad local sin fines de lucro promotora de las artes FUNDarte (, la séptima celebración de Out in the Tropics tendrá lugar del miércoles 15 de junio al sábado 18 de este mes en The Gleason Room del teatr..

El flamenco es una música de fusión. La tradición es de sobrevivencia, de cambio constante y adaptación al lugar y los tiempos. Mientras el sonido puede ser diferente, el espíritu de Nuevo Flamenco es el del flamenco de siempre. “La Flaka”, Jessica Cánovas, es una cantaora del siglo XXI. Ella incorpora en su música elementos del soul, R&B, electrónica o jazz; puede cantar bulerías y e..

La problemática del cambio climático está que arde. Sobre todo en un estado como la Florida, en primera fila para sufrir consecuencias drásticas. Llegar al público con este mensaje e inspirarlo a tomar acción, sin embargo, resulta desafiante. Se necesitan aliados en esa misión. Y en eso las artes pueden ser uno muy significativo. Que es a lo que apunta la segunda celebración anual..

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